New member initiation

The induction ceremony is in five parts; history, objects, what Kin is, the President's charge and the presentation of badge, pin and new members kit.

A new member will be greatly impressed by a dignified, well-planned initiation ceremony. Many variations can be worked out so that your club builds up a traditional and unique ceremony that inspires new members and rededicates the old.

New members receive a lasting impression of the spirit in which they are welcomed and it is most desirable that their reception be expressive of the seriousness of Kin as well as the fellowship of our Association.

Keep in mind our new members are respectable young members in our communities and the informal part of the ceremony should not be one to degrade or humiliate them.

The formal part of the ceremony should be in an impressive setting – lights out, candles on head table, and all members should be asked to refrain from talking or drinking during the ceremony.

The new members and their sponsors should be escorted into the room by the sergeant-at-arms and lined up in front of the head table facing the membership with each sponsor behind his new members.

The Club President may want to have three senior and respected members, each to read a section of the induction, or he/she may wish to have the member sponsor read part of the induction.

The Kinette "Red and White" ceremony is available here

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