Kin Acronyms

When talking with one another, the use of acronyms by members of Kin has become the norm. These shortened versions of Kin terminology may be recognizable to those who have been in the Association for a number of years but to a new member or to the general public, the acronyms may sound odd.

Listed below are the most common Kin acronyms. While these may still be in use, it is recommended that members of Kin use the full terms whether at club, zone, district and national events or when speaking with the general public.

CF        Cystic Fibrosis

CFC        Cystic Fibrosis Canada

CRM        Club Risk Manager

D#        District # (e.g.: District 1, District 2, etc.)

DG        Deputy Governor

DLS        District Leadership Seminar

DMD        District Membership Director

DRM        District Risk Manager

ED        Executive Director

FLC        Fall Leadership Conference

GOB        General Operating By-law

HREF        Hal Rogers Endowment Fund

KCB        Kin Canada Bursary

ND        National Director

NGS        Not in Good Standing

NP        National President

NVP        National Vice President

PNP        Past National President

RM        Risk Management or Risk Manager

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