Tonight's ceremony marks the beginning of another Kin year. It is my solemn duty to install your elected officers and I trust the responsibility that they have accepted will not be taken lightly, for in it lays the strength of your club. It is part of the District policy to encourage members to participate fully in club affairs and also to compete for club, district and national awards and offices. Be aware of the opportunities for involvement that are available to you.

At this time, I will outline briefly the duties of the individual officers. The complete job description of each officer is available in detail in the Successful Club manual and should be referred to throughout the year. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this helpful resource. Almost every conceivable problem that may arise during the year can be answered by reference to the manual

As I announce your position please take a step forward:

Club Director

You have been chosen to your position because you represent a steadying influence and a link between the executive and the general membership. You should act as a chairman of at least one important committee.


Your most important task will be to maintain complete and accurate up to date records of membership and attendance as information for the Club President.


This is one of the most important positions in any club. A good Communications Director will go far to stimulate attendance, fellowship and general interest in Kin. It is the barometer of your club by which you will be measured.

Risk Manager

As your club's Risk Manager, it will be your responsibility to become familiar with the policies and guidelines set down by our Association in the current Risk Management Manual. Use this knowledge to educate other club members as to the concept of Risk Management and the implications for your club. It will be your responsibility as well, to identify and manage risks incurred while fundraising or doing service projects or during activities necessary for your club's daily business as members of this Association.

Membership Recruitment and Retention Director

In many ways, this is the most important position in any club executive. It is your responsibility to assist in formulating and implementing your clubs membership plan. In order for your club to grow, new members must be recruited. Use the membership recruitment workshop as the blueprint for bringing new members to your club. Remember that membership retention is an integral part of any club membership plan. To that end, you will act as liaison between your club's executive and membership to ensure that your club's activities will meet the needs and goals of its members.

Use the membership retention workshop as a tool to discover these needs and desires. A successful membership plan will result in an active and healthy club. Let me urge you to start work on your club's plan immediately. Congratulations on your election.


As Treasurer you hold the highest position of trust in your club. You should maintain an accurate account of all club and service funds and be prepared to give a report on these at any time. You should prepare a budget for your club and see that the budget is kept by all members. You should check all bills for accuracy and pay these bills promptly.


Often referred to as the busiest position on the Executive, you are responsible for ensuring that all reports, minutes and correspondence are processed promptly for the benefit of the President. Your job entails more than just recording minutes. You are responsible for directing correspondence to the proper officer and committee heads. You are responsible for answering all correspondence and for keeping the President up to date with what action is to be taken on various matters of club business.

This position requires thoroughness and promptness and your ability to perform your duties will reflect on how efficiently the club operates.

Vice President

The position of Vice President is usually a stepping-stone to the position of President. While in this position, you should oversee the work of various committees set up by your club as directed by the President. You should act in the absence of your club President at club and executive meetings, and also represent him/her in the community at outside functions.

The efficiency with which you handle yourself this year will be an asset to you in running for the position of President next year.

Past President

Tonight brings to a close your term as President, however your responsibilities to the club are far from over. You are responsible for sharing your knowledge and experience with other members of the Executive, particularly the President. Do not lose the interest and enthusiasm that has carried you to your club's highest office and participate fully in all club activities. On behalf of all the members of your club I congratulate you on a job well done.


Your election as Club President is a vote of confidence in you by your fellow members. You are now the chief Kin representative in your community and you must conduct yourself accordingly. You must act as chairman of all general and executive meetings. Attend to all National and District correspondence directed to you. Appoint all committee heads and assist them in selecting your members.

As club president you are responsible for the overall operation of your club. You have an excellent executive with you and you should delegate authority to them so as not to get too involved in detailed work.

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