Installation of incoming executive

Installation can be an impressive ceremony where the duties of the club officers are outlined along with the responsibilities and obligations of all members to the club. A good installation can get the club year off to a good start and set the pace for what is to follow.

A Deputy Governor is required to have all the installations completed by the end of June. In some cases, installations may not be held until early September, but in no case should they go past the first meeting in September. Some districts the Deputy Governor will do the installation, in other districts; it is done by senior members of the club.

The key to the success of an installation date is proper planning and co-operation between the presenters and the club president. Deputy Governors should contact all of the club presidents soon after being elected, so they can be alerted to the fact that you are already preparing for the installation of the new executive.

Remember that an installation night is both the beginning of a new year and the ending of an old year. You should honour the past executive of the clubs in your remarks and, by so doing, motivate the incoming executive to improve upon the work they did.

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