The office to which you have been elected is one of dignity and importance. In accepting this office, you undertake a responsibility, which is not assumed lightly nor carelessly discharged.

With the General Operating By-laws, the Associations Rules of order and your Club House Rules as your guide, you must always be ready to exercise the functions of the office with which you have been entrusted. Further, you are charged with governing the organization according to the laws of democracy, under which laws every member who so wishes will be heard; toward that end that every matter considered, the best opinion shall prevail through the expressed will of the majority, and the best course of action followed.

Do you accept this charge?

Reply: I do

Please repeat after me:

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office in the Kinsmen/Kinette/Kin club of _____________ to the best of my ability.

Fellow Kin and guest please recognize with the newly installed executive of the Kinsmen/Kinette/Kin Club of ___________

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